Update Node With Npm

To check your current node version node -v To update it, follow this guy's genious. http://davidwalsh.name/upgrade-nodejs Some of your local folders may fail »

Every Route in Ionic for Android 404's

Pick Your Poison For JavaScript developers who want to develop a mobile app (like me), you have arguably three choices: 1) Learn two new languages: Java »

Accidentally Deleting Your Angular App Is Easier Than You Think

Good News Well, not the whole app and not forever. That's the good news. The bad news: it's an easy, simple, easily missable mistake. For some »

Starting a Node.js App on Elastic Beanstalk

Please have an AWS account and install the AWS-CLI. The Simple Stuff In the root directory of your app, eb init then eb create. Once the »

So Your Server Doesn't Support SSL Connections

Problem Oh, this was a frustrating one! After working with my database for about a month, this error randomly surfaced. Ugly. There's a lot of low-level »