The Collective

It came to me on the packed bus tonight: as much as I sometimes fight it, deep down, I love being part of the collective.

My favorite moments in life are when humanity needs to work together to accomplish a similar goal--when the difference between "you" and "I" is a very thin veil.

This summer, we hiked Half Dome in Yosemite National Park:

Line on the cables in Half Dome

It's steeper than it looks (and it looks steep). 2-by-4s are placed every four feet or so, except where they're missing. In order to get up or get down, you have to talk to everyone and they need to talk to you.

"Can I pass you?"

"Do you mind if I rest here with you?

"How much further to the top?"

"You can do it!"

Everyone's safety and success depends on the collective.

On the bus, it's as simple as passengers wordlessly shuffling to make room for more people, even when the bus is already at capacity. It's giving up your seat to someone who has their hands full. Helping grandma and her shopping cart off the bus always wins good karma.

Everyone gets home on the back of a million little kind gestures.

I wouldn't make at Hack Reactor it if it weren't for a great bunch of people who celebrate small victories with me. Gotta' chase those little green checks.

And on a a grander scale: I wouldn't code if the end effect only benefited me. We can do great things that change lives with a few bits. What great power and responsibility.

What a great role to play in the collective.

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