Inspect a Docker Image

I'm currently trying to dockerize my AngularJS Protractor tests. I kept getting a File not found error, but I was pretty sure I'd COPYed everything to the image I needed. The easiest way to check is to get into the image yourself!

  1. Find the image you want to inspect: docker image. Woa. That's a lot of images. Hopefully, you've been naming images, but you can see just how much bloat Docker can create. Copy the image name you want to inspect, but make a mental note to Google "remove unused Docker images."

  2. Enter docker run -it --rm <imagename> bash. Run the image with interactive terminal (-it) and remove it when we exit out of bash (--rm). Now that you're in the image, you can cd and ls around to ensure you copied over all the files you wanted.

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