Chrøme Foreïgn Characterš

"I never knew before what eternity was made for. It is to give some of us a chance to learn German."
-Mark Twain

I speak English and German fluently. One of the only fun benefits of knowing German is using interesting characters! There's a b-looking thingy (ß) and dots over vowels (ü, ö, ä). Shiny.

Now, as fun as they are to use, they're a pain in the butt to type. I don't have a German keyboard, so every time I wrote a German message on Facebook I'd either ignore the characters or look up the four-digit key codes.

That changes today. I figured out, quite by accident, that Chrome has come to save me.

Begin by typing and holding down any character key (like 'a') anywhere in Chrome. The url bar is a fun place to practice.

Dropdown foreign characters

You can let go of the key now. Press any of the corresponding numbers to get your special character. I pressed 7.

Fun times. It's like elementary school all over again...writing in çûrłÿ script.

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