Basic Angular: Lessons Learned from Scott Moss

"If you see $, that is part of the Angular scope. If you see $$, don't f#$@ing touch it. Angular needs that to work."
Cat upset by owner touching its head.

"Angular was built using Angular. When I started looking at the source code, I was like, 'Oh s#@t.'"
Top spinning from movie Inception

"You're going to use gulp in this sprint. You guys used grunt last sprint. It's just like grunt, but completely different."
And now for something, completely different

"The sprint contains basic folders for the Angular app. You're not just getting an empty folder and be like, 'F@#k. GO!'"
Please don't leave me

"If you're on a mac, you're going to get a surprise when you run 'gulp test'. Have fun with that."
Surprised baby

"For extra credit, improve the look and feel. You can use Bootstrap or if you're a badass, you can write your own CSS."
Neil Degrasse Tyson. We got a badass over here.

Scott: "How to we add our todos to the view?"

Student: "We would use ng-click."

Scott: "Damn straight we would use ng-click."

Glee kid saying damn straight

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