All About that Bass, No Treble

All About that Bass, No Treble Trouble.

I love working at the stand-up stations. Quite honestly, it reminds me fondly of my time as a teacher, always on my feet and active. Even better, now I get to work on my feet, I get to listen to music, and I'm not a teacher.

However, one thing I've found mildly annoying is that the sound on my Mac changes to use the station's speakers. It's a great feature of using HDMI, unless it isn't.

I don't have the ability to turn down the sound anymore, so every time I make mistake, the computer 'bumps' loudly.

The Solution

Option + Click on the greyed-out speaker.

From here you can move back to your computer's Internal Speakers or go into Sound Preferences to reduce the volume of alerts.

You're welcome.

Jam on.

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